For the republican candidate at a town hall — the questions I would ask as a voter :

First and foremost, I am here as a republican supporter. I also happen to be a gay man. I, however do not let that guide my political decisions or frame my identity as a person. So that leads me to a question for you and all other republican candidates out there.

Why on earth do you focus on ridiculous topics like same sex marriage? Don’t you realize that over 50% of Americans either don’t give a damn or support marriage equality?

Why continue to bring the topic up when a majority of people in this great country have put it to rest

Let me be clear and say that while I pose this question, I personally don’t care. I’m not pro-marriage in any respect whatsoever. I feel that if a couple wants to be miserable with or without a “contract”, that’s their business.

But why rehash this?

You as a politician seem weak while pandering to a quickly shrinking minority of ultra conservative Christian people, many of which really don’t care either.

As a promising politician, you claim to want to move the country forward, but your threats to undo decisions made by the highest court in the land, takes the country back a step. It it creates a divide that is unnecessary and is not progress by any stretch of the imagination.

While trying to appeal to the shrinking ultra conservative groups, you lose one of the most important voting demographic groups in America, the young first time voters.

Young people, brought up on social media who see all walks of life through a network of peers don’t find a problem with the fact that their cousin, sister, teacher, coworker, preacher, or politician is gay or bisexual.

You, candidate for president … make it an issue and a problem. It sounds like YOUR ISSUE.

I can only liken the ridiculousness to wanting to make interracial relationships illegal again.

The country adapts. People adapt. Societies change.

Believe what you want. Personally.

Do not project your religious belief on to others as you are sure to turn many many people off and force them to look at alternatives.

Gay marriage, interracial marriage, heterosexual marriage… these are all things for society to ponder, not for a man or woman seeking the highest office in the nation to use as a bargaining chip for support.

Let sleeping dogs lie and work to bring people together over matters that everyone cares about.

Thank you.