Best Cat Food 2019 — Nulo Cat Food Review

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Mar 4, 2019 · 3 min read

While running a California based pet daycare business, Michael Landa, CEO of Nulo, realized that a lot of pets were overweight and that an expanding number of them were getting insulin shots at home.

Worried about the ever increasing rate of obesity and diabetes among pets, he set off searching for a cause to the problem. Turns out that the cause was always the pet food.

Nulo’s Freestyle Cat Food line — Chicken & Cod Recipe

Landa says in an interview with a local news station that “We discovered, essentially, that the food that’s being served to our cats and dogs is really the nutritional equivalent of fast food.”

This lead to the beginning of a new company making pet food, Nulo, the name came from the words “nutrition”, and “love”.

What are the types of cat food offered by Nulo?

Nulo promises that their formula consists of no corn, wheat gluten, soy or any other artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. With a high percentage of protein and low in carbs, at least 80% of the protein in each recipe comes from animal meat, which in turn means that they are easily digestible for your carnivore kittens.

The company headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, and all their food is produced in Kansas and Nebraska. Both their facilities are FDA-approved and are inspected yearly by organisations such as the American Institute of Baking and the BRC Global Standard for Global Safety.

All ingredients come from suppliers that represent Nulos quality standard. Not a single ingredient is sourced from China or any other cheap labour country, as is the case with many of the conventional pet foods found in stores.

There are a few different lines of food available from the Nulo brand, but the most popular of them all is the Freestyle Cat line. The freestyle line consists of four different types of dry cat food, as well as twelve canned foods.

Freestyle Grain-Free Kibble Dry Food

The freestyle grain-free kibble formulas are based on real meat with at least 82% of the protein coming from animal sources. The following formulas are available in two different sizes, 5lbs and 12lbs.

The different flavors and formulas are:

Chicken & Cod
Turkey & Duck
Duck & Lentils
Salmon & Lentils

Freestyle Pate Canned Food

The grain-free canned pate formulas are available in two different sizes as well, one 5.5 oz and a larger one at 12.5 oz.

The different flavors are as follows:

Trout & Salmon
Salmon & Mackerel
Chicken & Herring
Duck & Tuna
Beef & Lamb
Turkey & Chicken

There are a few other lines available but the ones listed above are the most popular and I highly recommend you try a few of their different flavors.

Where to buy Nulo cat food?

Nulo’s Freestyle line is available through specialized pet food retailers across the US and Canada. It is also possible to order Nulo cat food online,
through Amazon. The other Nulo lines, such as the Medalseries line, is exclusive to PetSmart stores only.

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