Up from the depths, Deep Brewing Co.

On February 22, 2017, Startup Grind Tallahassee hosted Ryan S. LaPete of Deep Brewing Company. LaPete, proudly serving as owner and “Director of Janitorial Services,” spoke about his experience as a commercial diver, living underwater working for Aquarius Reef base in Key Largo, FL, and how that led him to eventually brew beer. He describes it as “a transition from a career underwater to a life all about suds.”

Special thank you to Domi Station and all those in attendance.

LaPete majored in underwater crime scene investigation at the Florida State University Panama City campus. After college, he began working in Key Largo, FL at the Aquarius Reef Base living underwater for weeks at a time conducting scientific research and much more. LaPete and his team at the Base worked with the Navy on logistics development for deployment and with NASA on extreme environment training. He is an expert divemaster, welder, deckhand, and a research specialist. The list goes on and on.

Ryan began brewing beer in his cousins backyard and after many 10 gallon home brew batches, Deep Brewing came to be. The second beer he brewed, a belgian double, won bronze at a home brew competition. Typically, Deep Brewing Co. will released small batch beers every Friday like the “OCTOPIE” German Chocolate Imperial Stout, or “REEFraction”, an IPA. These two are just a small taste of the offerings of Deep Brewing Co in addition to their year round offerings and seasonal releases. LaPete discussed being “8 months ahead of projections,” barriers to entry in the beer brewing industry, and risks he took along the way.

It has taken exactly a month to finish up this recap of the February event. That is far too long considering the length of the post. Before introducing Ryan, I talked about what my definition of an entrepreneur was and challenged each individual to think about what their definition looked like.

The only thing standing in between where you are right now and where you want to be is just doing it. -Anonymous

There are many variations to this quote and I’m not sure who said it first but I love it because it applies to all things big and small. I admire Ryan and what he is doing because it emulates my definition of an entrepreneur. He took his idea and did it.

I’m not an expert and I certainly don’t know anything about starting a brewery. But, the way Ryan tells his story, neither did he. The difference is he found something he loved, had the idea, and up from the depths came Deep Brewing Company.