Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

Let not the “Shiite” own us.

The hell of the past week, election, and the soul stomping beat-down our country and party are going through is unatural and unacceptable. I have been a “liberal southern democrat” when democrat was cool. I have witnessed the rise and fall of the Clintons, been inspired by Bill Clinton in every State of the Union speech he gave. Met John Edwards and his incredible wife, Elizabeth when they came to the 9th. ward in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Attended rallies in Baton Rouge for John Kerry, and Howard Dean when they visited Baton Rouge. To us, this year the Democratic Convention was amazing, uplifting, inspiring, funny, and the optimism and hope flowed like honey, milk, merlot and beer. Have never seen the party more united. The Obama presidency, his dignity, the family and the grace with which he went about the day to day ordeal of running a country that vilified and insulted him daily. But to see rivals join when Hillary, Biden, were invited to serve the country after the election of 2008 is what I will cherish and carry away. Their efforts and co-operation make our country a better place and better off than shape the world was in when “a black man was given the worst job in the world,” according to the satire from The Onion put out when Mr. Obama was elected.

So the soap-opera bullshit party that Rupert “murderer of Democracy” Murdoch, the Roger “hate-machine” Ailes propanda and “license to lie

factory” that spews hatred on the public airwaves every hour upon the hour has won again, for now.