Hello my name is Phillip, and I have a really bizarre job: I come up with startup ideas.

“Oh great, the ideas guy” I hear you cry — but also part of my job is to figure out if those ideas are any good. There’s many different ways me and my team go about doing just that, and in this series I’ll share a few of them.

In this first post I’ll outline some simple questions you can ask yourself that act as quick filter when you’re considering new ideas. …

Hi, Phill here! We recently moved office and needed something to dazzle guests when they entered our lobby (other than the tasteful-yet-blinding yellow walls). We debated all sorts of things from a large 3D printed model of our logo (edgy) down to some nice plants (pretty). In the end, we ended up building a large LED video wall. Obviously.

So how do you end up building a large LED video wall? One Saturday I was building a train departure board from some LED panels I had acquired (as you do) and wondered if it could be cranked up from 2…

We spent the weekend at TechCrunch Disrupt’s 2016 London hackathon. It was a pretty intense 48 hours of brainstorming, plotting, researching, eating, building, testing, bit more eating, topped off with a presentation to a few hundred attendees in the room. Gulp. But we won a prize. The special IBM Watson award!

This was the first time we had donned our branded hoodies and stormed a hackathon as a team, so we were pretty happy with the outcome. Here’s some more details about what we built.

Photo credit: Farah Kanji


One of my family members has an eye disease called Glaucoma which damaged the optic…

Phillip Caudell

Maker of digital products and businesses @ Founders Factory. Working with easyJet, L'Oreal, The Guardian, Aviva, M&S, CSC & Holtzbrinck

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