Connect or disconnect, this is a question for UI and UX design
Xinran Wang

You position textual commenting as a stronger form of communication in comparison to tags and emoji usage. But I wonder as humans, do we really need anything more than that? Do we really need to have, sometimes drawn-out conversations?

Certainly with the dominance of social-media apps like Twitter and Facebook, we have been experiencing Information Anxiety — sometimes there is just too much and a simple, straight-forward response is key. The idea of being called is jarring. There is just something about knowing how long that conversation could be that makes one wish the caller would just text and be done with it.

I wonder if people’s need to have more drawn-out conversations like textual commentary or phone calls are a side effect from getting used to reading too much. Reading or writing lengthy letters has always been praised as a sign of higher understanding. However, it has always been quite strange to me that we can’t be satisfied with symbol usage or minimal texts that gets straight to the point and let us be on our way.

In a sense it would seem to me we have over-complicated our thought processes and lost the ability or appreciation for visual conciseness.

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