EX- FBI Director uses Twitter

Former FBI director admits that he is on twitter. He says “I am not a tweeter”, but his intentions is to collect information about what’s being said about the FBI and its mission. He thinks the app is wonderful and depressing. Twitter is a great social media platform to quickly communicate a message in 140 characters or less. As it allows for users to share (retweet) content if they choose too. With over 313 million users it allows people to stay connected at any time. James Comey does make a good point though, twitter is a wonderful place to seek information, but in many cases, people are just ranting. Many people have different accounts to tweet and share the most absurd information just to get a following or receive more impressions. Also, a lot of content on twitter is reused by other users.
 For businesses, I believe twitter would be a great way to interact with your customers. It allows quick response rates and quick posts about the business. Twitter has a 140 character limit which allows content producers to produce information that is precise and informative. Many times people have questions about the business and those can be easily answered if they just contacted the business on twitter. Also, this allows the company more opportunities to advertise to more consumers. Customers can retweet the content that the business posts. You would be able to reach out to an audience that wouldn’t normally be reached.