Why ‘food miles’ could be Trump’s new best idea
Aiden Rohde

I like the idea in theory but I would be particularly concerned at the added cost the supply chain will add to our food. Regulations and added processes always drive up costs. I am for some regulation because I do believe it is necessary.

Maybe a “meet me half way” Idea is in order. Say the miles from final point of production for processed foods and point of origin for whole foods? This would reduce the added costs while still giving the consumer a better idea of how far their food traveled to get to their local purchasing point.

I am from the US east coast and I understand some of our fish sold here is caught in the North Atlantic, Brought into East Coast ports, shipped to Asia for processing and packaging (due to cheaper labor), then shipped back to the East Coast for sale. I would LOVE to see miles traveled on this kind of practice!


Phillip Dorris

Founder, Freedom Life Solutions

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