Why I’m giving up God for lent
Jonas Ellison

Well Jonas, you certainly have an interesting take on religion and God. I applaud your search for spiritual enlightenment although I do believe you will have a hard time, and possibly a dangerous one, working on being an “Exorcist-in-training” without a strong walk with God.

I do not have the same perspective on God and religion since I was not raised Catholic. I was raised in a Christian household rooted in a mix of Baptist and Pentecostal founded beliefs. And like you to some degree, I disagree with some of what I was taught during those formative years. I have grown in Christ and his divine nature. And I always challenge my current beliefs any time I get new information that has any merit. I believe this is the only way to attain any true understanding and a solid foundation in any belief system.

I also believe that some of the problems Christianity and humanity both face today stem from the fire and brimstone preaching prevalent in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s I grew up in. The fear of God teaching of the time. This is not what Jesus preached in his days on earth.

The Christian church has finally caught up somewhat to teaching the message of love that Jesus taught. At least some of them have. :-) Now if humanity will adopt that same message of love for each other and put away their hatred of everything different, maybe we can finally take a giant leap forward as a species.

When I speak of humanity, I include everyone. Not just Christians, but all human beings, no matter what each one believes.

Good luck in your spiritual growth and your walk with God. for no matter what name/label you want to give to him/her or it, if you acknowledge the universe as an intelligent entity, you are acknowledging God in my opinion. Not the God that humans have created to give them comfort for what comes after this body dies, but the true being that puts the intelligence in intelligent design.


Phillip Dorris

Freedom Life Solutions

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