In the night awareness surprises and up raises the spirit,

all at once to see the better where to follow.

The wind and summer grass,

for the park of my city with friends and strangers dimly seen,

lay down the feeling like childhood,

but truer still for these boys and girls still love me,

the only good help now of this world.

So laugh and lose the grip by drunk hands,

and miss the mouth upon the sheets beneath we are so softly made:

we’re gray-black and some like blue a mist o’ercast.

Warm war and wind kills gives us better ideas when it pleases,

and the city lights surrounds with music none can find where its emanating the saxophone sounds;

so moving and from the street above the cars can see the fun,

take a jot it’s alright,

just one jot of us and wherever you end up.

But for the gift is given means transition or separation a kind,

and from the night anymore to live.

“Won’t we see the sun?”

“What can it say?”

“My friend or stranger pose the question,

we’d like to know and hear if someone could.”

“Please return with an answer I won’t have to make up,

but we’ll laugh about it,

scrounging together through time the edge of this.”

“But hold it back for us alright,

if the Sun man’s come,

and here now are we prepared?”

“Where is he who’s supposed to for this part?”

“And I feel cooler now,

but go on and I’ll put on this jacket,

but go and we’ll be watching the whole gang to fill the church but don’t be so nervous,

and I know you for occasions dress up but you’re alright,

we’re all going to be there;

and the sun and you and what an opportunity.”

“But that closet to change before it arrives,

I feel we’re moving now,

and the snow has frozen the summer grass,

but we all got to support her,

don’t let the delicate snow be a bother,

get up there.”

“But I opened the door for the closet and they were bunk beds somehow managed got in and people stuck in,

their heads and arms over stretched the side and I couldn’t get a check or insight about them,

or find where else to change.”

“But telling you now there’s too many here,

it was still too soon.”

“What vain folly,


“What vain humanity.”

“How about you guys,

what great enmity it’s so hard to see.”

“So all of you raised up won’t see me from here.”

“I’m cold now because I’m lonely.”

“But did you find him and what did he say?,

we’re all here,

don’t have time to wait until we’re all inside,

I’m sure they feel reasonably the same.”

“Then tell us how,

how was the Sun first,

you can hear us?”


I’ll speak loudly for it to be audible to all,

and I tried to calm and keep best my peace if he had our answers.”

“But did he listen?

’cause it’s a rare thing and maybe he’s never done this.”

“But got to wait ours or for her turn on our behalf so we can’t be cross whatever ends up being so.”

“So sing someone sing this Sun over,

that’s how it’s got to be done.”

“It’s a process and labour in construction the platform needs to be higher just right or he won’t want to appear and take on with us no attention paid for his comfort and wants.”

“She sings now and the sun its finally arriving,

and we want to know the truth.”

“Tell us what’s going on,

we can’t see what’s going on back there;

we would like to know or translated in sign and symbol is enough.”

“I’ll tell you,

and my statement is simply rebuild the church,

the whole interior,

the eastern wall,

all the angles those patterns and colours;

then people yourselves therein and lay yourselves where and eat and believe and joy and despair and lay me with you all an end and all is done.”

“That was in peace,

no argument or contention.”

“I’ll thank you and I’ll leave me a part but I must strive elsewhere,

lovely things.”