Google’s coming changes affects all businesses

Impact of Google in South Africa

According to StatCounter 89.5% of all search queries worldwide is done with Google (StatCounter, 2015). The statistics is even more shocking when it comes to South Africa, where Google is at 92.4% of all search queries (StatCounter, 2015). Google has become the information highway of choice for searches on all online information. Google is the deciding factor to all online organic search results. The good news is that everything Google does organically is for the users experience without bias. This is the basis of their entire business model.

The mobile challenges Google plans to remedy

Google has been faced with a real threat these past few years, with the high adoption rate of mobile devices worldwide let alone developing countries like South Africa. This year 2015 mobile search queries will be at 60% of all search queries in South Africa according to Google. Many search results currently go to websites that are not mobile friendly and thus affecting the user experience.

This is why Google has decided to change its algorithm on how search engine lists results for mobile device. Your business website will no longer be listed in the same rank on Google search results as of the 21 April 2015 if it is not ‘mobile friendly’ (Makino, Jung, & Phan, 2015). This means if your website is mobile friendly then it may be seen as a competitive advantage over your competition that is not.

“Your business website will no longer be listed in the same rank on Google search results as of the 21 April 2015…”

What to do about “mobile friendly”

The good news is that Google is giving you a fair warning about these drastic changes. They have created an initiative so that you can investigate whether or not your website is ‘mobile friendly’ according to Google. Google has also made available a tool you can use to check if your website is ‘mobile friendly’.

Alternatively Rapid Web 24 is offering free support and advice on this matter to all businesses for a limited time only where they will manually check to see if your website is mobile friendly or not and advice you further. You can call them for free advice, 0769786665 or email them at

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