Historical context gives mathematics (and mathematicians, dare I say) a rich personality that is all too often lost in formal study
Mathematics without history is soulless
Junaid Mubeen

This is the result, as I see it, of the boring utility and cult of “pragmatism” which is modernity. If it doesn’t pay, can’t get you a job, or you can’t touch, feel, taste, or see it, most people think it is a waste of time — even worse, it doesn’t “exist.” As a Christian minister, I diagnose this sickness as resulting from the loss of a God-centered moral consciousness which was once derived from seeing various histories such as your fine summary here as part of God’s larger history of the world. The world “replete with discovery and surprise” which you describe is the world of the Christian thinker and theologian. It is the world of mystery, sacrament, and satisfying quest of the mind of God.

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