Gender, Technology and Love | Google Goals

The world cares too much about who and what you love, today. Given the incredible amount of information marketing agencies can acquire via the amazing power of search engines not only can your internet experienced be personalized — it is essentially controlled.

Technology, sexual preference and your location are just the tip of the iceberg and ironically, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a marketer myself, being one of the “bad guys” is a learning experience every day. Google funnels just as much money into improving itself as it does in what it makes from all the ad space it sells to its clients.

You must be thinking by now what am I getting at with Technology, Sex and Personalization. Well, I saw a commercial today that showed me just how progressive or intuitive Google is when I decided to do more research on their new algorithm-guided function for their Google Calendar Mobile App, Goals.

My only emotional reaction came from the fact that they highlighted the love interest was from, Spain. As a Latino I’ve never understood the spicy appeal that is thrown onto our “image”. It’s never an intelligent appeal. Giant leaps in productivity and same sex love, but it looks like Race will still be left to the back burner for progress.

Here is a link to the commercial: