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well considering the decades long attempts by the anti gun lobby to ban guns, hillarys touting the “austrailian model” of a MAMDITORY BUY BACK and her commentary that the nra was her biggest enemy and that judge scalia “got it wrong” in the supreme courts affirmation of personal gun ownership in heller v dc i find your blandishments less than convincing. to say the least.

“She’ll call 911. Average response time — 11 minutes. Too late,” backed by scientific studies.

“ Clinton supports gun control measures such as expanding background checks and reinstating the assault weapons ban” what they dont say is that to function the proposed “background checks” would require “detailed record keeping” that amounts to an illegal, back door, defacto gun registration scheme. an obvious gross infringement on 2nd amendment rights.

“ Also misleading is the notion that Americans are at serious risk of having their homes invaded by violent criminals.” i dont recall anything in the add alluding that home invasions are indeed a “serious risk” in the implied sense that they happen all that often. but, as with a house fire, in the rare instance that you find yourself the unwanted recipient of a house fire, it is good to have the foresight of having a fire extinguisher at hand. as it is with a gun should you find yourself the unwanted recipient of one of a home invasion. it is much better to have a thing and not need it, then need that thing and not have it. its really as simple as that.

“ At least 265 people were accidentally shot by kids last year, while the number of people murdered during home invasions in a given year is about 100.” false equivalency. one has no bearing on the other. unless, of course, in the highly unlikely event your home is invades by armed kids.

“wants to abolish the Second Amendment.” he did indeed say this. what is meant by this is a judge appointed to the supreme court appointed by hillary “reinterpreting” the heller decision to “get it right” and “reinterpret” the 2nd amendment to not include the personal right of a citizen to bear arms. which is the whole goal.