Sometime last year, Google Maps started highlighting little areas in orange on their 2D maps.

As a giant geek and fan of Google Maps, I immediately noticed the enhancement and jumped to Google’s blog to find their post detailing the updated look. The post describes these as “areas of interest,” or “places where there’s a lot of activities and things to do.”

For true nerds, Justin O’Beirne takes an incredible look at the data that feeds this function — and the various reasons Google’s investments in Maps over time have uniquely positioned the company to provide such an advanced, beneficial…

Imagine Mound View event inspires College District neighbors to dream big.

Cedar Rapids’ College District will come to life during Imagine Mound View, a Tactical Urbanism festival designed to highlight the historic Mound View neighborhood and encourage residents to consider what it might look like in years to come. The event will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from Noon–4 PM between Coe College and Mount Mercy University, on F Avenue & 17th Street NE.

Corridor Urbanism — a local advocacy group which meets in the neighborhood — will feature a set of low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment, highlighting possible improvements to the neighborhood. The group is targeting…

Letter to The Gazette

This letter originally appeared in the July 8, 2017 edition of The Gazette in Cedar Rapids.

It’s time to thank the hardworking people who have been improving Cedar Rapids’ streets. The terrible road conditions have reflected poorly on our city for years. As LOST fills in our pot (and some budget) holes, we’ve been jackhammering away our lousy reputation.

Work must be done to address the shortfalls that leave us with terrible roads, but city staff and elected officials should be commended for their efforts prioritizing some of the bumpiest bum-sores, crews for completing outstanding work, and motorists for respecting…

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — November 21, 2016 — The City has received the financial feasibility report from the National Development Council (NDC) on the proposed One Park Place project, which concludes the project is financially feasible. In May, the City Council requested a third-party financial analysis of the project prior to entering into negotiations of a development agreement with the developer, Jesse Allen, representing One Park Place, LLC.

The NDC’s initial financial review in July concluded the project appeared viable and the request of public subsidy was within the range of what may reasonably be required to complete and operate…

Originally published on Facebook.

About half of the Americans who voted yesterday are hurting right now because they feel that in one huge, symbolic gesture their country is in some way discounting their humanity.

The other half are rejoicing because they feel their humanity, which had long been discounted, has finally been validated.

If today is anything, it’s a reminder of our need for empathy and compassion.

Every human is worthy of love and belonging. Let’s remember this, and continue to do our best to treat one another as it’s so.

Phillip Platz

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