The Portfolio

by Dwayne Phillips

In the age of the temporary job, the portfolio becomes important to us all.

For most of my life, I heard of the artist’s portfolio — the collected works of an artist. Well, welcome to the age of everyone-is-an-artist. Everyone needs a portfolio to show potential employers. Wikipedia has a few definitions of portfolio that I like.

This age of everyone-is-an-artist causes me to change a few things in my life. These include:

1 accept that I need a portfolio
 2 keep my portfolio in mind as I do everything
 3 how can this work be part of my portfolio?
 4 put my work into my portfolio
 5keep my portfolio organized, i.e., keep my work organized
 6 keep my portfolio available
 7 do all my work knowing that potential employers will see it

Item 7 can be frightening. EVERYTHING I do will be seen by others. Yikes. Perhaps I should focus on each task a little better and produce high-quality work all the time — especially when I find the task to be mundane.