In March, my husband and I binged watched the TV Show Alone. We weren’t the only ones. The show seems to be gaining popularity; one of those things that once you see it, it’s everywhere. The basic premise of the show is this: take ten people, give them ten basic items, put them in the wilderness. Whoever lasts the longest gets $500,000. The show is about surviving, uncertainty, and dealing with intense loneliness. In other words, the perfect quarantine show.

Spoiler alert. This guy, Jordan Jonas, won season six of Alone:

Jordan brought a really great energy to the show…

I have commuted across the bay for seven years now, and it makes me smile almost every day. Honestly.

So, I ride a motorcycle, and a lot of the happiness on my commute is related to that. Motorcycling means that my mourning routine looks something like this: I wake up, drink a cup of tea and stretch — there’s nothing worse then getting on a motorcycle with a crick in your neck. Then I suit up. I wear an Aerostitch suit, purple and black kevlar complete with should pads, hip pads, knee pads, and a reinforced steel spine protector. Then…

Over the past five years or so, I’ve developed an unexpected hobby: banya. Banya is a Russian bathhouse, usually consisting of wet and dry saunas, jacuzzi’s, birch branch platza treatments, and the cold plunge. My husband and I now attend regularly, up to once a week, spending hours alternating between heat and cold, resting and drinking tea in breaks between.

Photo by Michiel Alleman from Pexels

Lately, it seems like everyone is espousing the benefits of sauna, particularly when combined with the cold plunge, and my banya habit now feels hip or on trend. For example, the very popular Wim Hof method suggests that focusing on…

Last week, one of the largest California marijuana growers, distributors, and dispensaries began publicly trading on the Candian stock market. Harborside, which is based in Oakland, California, is valued at $350 million to $400 million. Over the past week, the stock has pretty comfortably fluctuated around $5.25 a share.


Harborside’s stated goal in going public was to raise more capital — potentially around $50 million more — to fund expansion. One of the great things about companies going public are the additional disclosures that companies need to file publicly. You can view those disclosures for yourself here.

What could I possibly have in common with Ella Maillart? She was an incredibly adventurous Swiss woman who is probably one of the most impressive woman travelers I’ve ever heard of. A short list of her accomplishments include:

  • She represented her country as the only woman competitor at the 1924 Paris Olympics in the single-handed boat-sailing contest
  • she was Captain of the Swiss Women’s land hockey team; and
  • she raced for Switzerland as a member of the international ski team.
Ella Maillart in Iran 1939/40 source: wikipedia

Then after doing all that, in 1932, she started her real adventures, traveling solo across Central Asia. She documented these…

On June 3, 2018, my husband and I boarded a one-way flight to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia, where we would meet our two motorcycles that we had shipped by sea a month before. We then spent the next six months riding our motorcycles home.

Shipping our motorcycles from San Francisco, California, USA to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia, wasn’t exactly hard but it did take some logistics and lots of emails. Lots of emails. To give some context, this was the ship among all of the other ships tracked in the Pacific at the time.

So, how did we get our bikes on a ship…

Heather Phillips

Lawyer in SF. Took six months off in 2018 to motorcycle around the world with her husband.

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