New Release: elementary OS Loki 0.4.1
Daniel Foré

Absolutely amazing work, guys. So glad AppCenter finally shipped, and it looks fantastic too!

I’m constantly and recurringly astounded at how amazing the work done by such a small and relatively unfunded team is. Genuinely better than some (if not most/all) of the titans of the industry. They could honestly all learn a lot from you guys, your approach, consistency, and dedication to quality. It’s crazy (but immensely awesome) to me that the best desktop UX and OS experience is, in almost all categories, an open source Linux distro built by a very small team. Says a lot about quality over quantity. Obviously the big competitors have significant advantages over you, that are hard to compete with in some respects, but the quality of the experience you create, truly speaks for itself in an incredibly coherent, polished, unobtrusive, and helpful way, unlike any other OS on the market.

Keep it up! Bravo! I’m only a student, but I donate monthly and otherwise when I can, and I will happily continue to do so as much and for as long as I always can. You guys absolutely deserve every cent of it, and then a good some that I wish I /could/ give!

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