Day2 @ Andela Bootcamp7

Quote of the day: “it’s also a good idea for your main repository to be on a remote server like GitHub in case your machine is lost at sea during a transatlantic boat cruise or crushed by three monkey statues during an earthquake.”

This caught my eye today as we were learning about GitHub.

The second day at Andela just confirmed that Andela is worth the shot. For any techies out there reading this, apply to Andela and if you don’t get it with the first try, then try again.

I learnt something new today. Apparently its possible to add the individual digits in a list. e.g. A = [10, 30, 45], write a program that gets the sum of the digits in the list like this: 1+0+3+0+4+5=13. Its possible and you should try it. We did it in python but I believe any language will work. Try it.

Thank you Andela for giving me a chance to be a better version of myself and a better programmer.