Good Night:

I’ve been filming all day.

The TV shoot overruns and when I reach the hire car, the pay-machine won’t except my card or cash! Laura covers the cost and drops me at the tube-station. Now I’m waiting,

still waiting.

The trains are cancelled! In desperation I book a taxi, but odds-on, I’m going to miss the show.

My driver tells me ‘stay positive and all things will work out in the end’.

He explains that his last fare had lost their laptop bag; containing all their irreplaceable belongings and work documents. Immediately, they u-turn and race back to the pick-up point. There they discover that some fine fellow has found the satchel and handed it in at the bar!

As my chauffeur weaves his yarn, I notice that he has taken a wrong turn. I question this, to no avail. Two miles later we abruptly U-turn and my navigator tries to blame his satellite!

By some miracle, I make it before curtain, Elizabeth graciously holding my space in the queue. A great show and few beers later, I’m on the last train home.

I realise that my phone is reduced to 3% and I’m without house-keys or a charger.

With the last dregs of battery I manage to wake Johnny from his slumber. He willingly stashes his house keys under some driftwood in the driveway. On the walk home from the station I locate a spare phone cable from a 24hr shop.

I’m in bed with both my phone and myself re-charging.

Then I realise, stay positive, surround yourself with good people and we will all be ok. The next time you decide to vote, remember this tale.