I know this is a wonderful moment


Breathing in I calm my body

Breathing out I smile

Dwelling the the present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment


Drifting off is easy in the hot room. We are working hard, there is 60 peeps in the room, space is tight, the sweat is pouring off us, the mind can wonder with ease. It take real effort to come back and be where you are; to be immersed in our present experience. This Gatha gives our breath a mindful focus and moves us toward understanding that no matter what we are going through in any posture that THIS MOMENT is a wonderful moment.

Breathing in I calm my body - reciting this line is like a nice glass of ice water in the hot room – feel the breathing calm your body.

Breathing out I smile – when you smile, you relax hundreds of muscles in your face & relax the nervous system.

Dwelling in the present moment – while i am in this pose i don’t think of the next pose the one before, I know where I am .

I know this is a wonderful moment - this is the only moment that is real, be it real ease in a posture, or real struggle, to be here & now, and enjoy the present moment is our most important task.


This is a Gatha I use on the regular in my meditation practice. I use this Gatha in a four breath cycle. Inhale I think calm. Exhale I think smile. Inhale I think present. Exhale I think wonderful. Working with this for 15–30 minutes really brings awareness to how wonderful this moment is. Rooting here, I blossom into my day with excitement.

You can use this at any point in your day. Set a little reminder on your phone and once every hour stop what you’re doing and sit upright. Take four deliberate breaths reciting this Gatha. You are where you are, be there fully and allow it be a wonderful & present moment.

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