One of my favorite Zen stories is about paying attention. I read it as a kid, and it stuck with me:

A student said to Master Ichu, ‘Please write for me something of great wisdom.’

Master Ichu picked up his brush and wrote one word: ‘Attention.’

The student said, ‘Is…

A few reasons why building a “simple” MVP is hard (but fun)

One day I told my friend, Sean Coates, that I wanted to build a teeny-tiny weather app from servers to pixels. I wanted to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with only enough bare-bones functionality to make it work well.

In traditional Sean fashion, he replied:

So you just want…

An Ode to Project Management

Project Managers ride the dev train while laying the track.

Trouble in Project Management Land

I was hanging out at a barbecue with a fellow digital native over the weekend, and he said his tech company had been experiencing explosive growth. 30 to 85 people in the past year. Sales skyrocketing. Devs all over the US, punching out code. The C-suite making good decisions that…

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