High school talent show, I knew…

Alone on stage, lights shinning

She sits, my heart spinning

Mic in her hand, she starts singing

Words so soft and sweet, my soul crying

All eyes on her, I’m staring

First time hearing her singing

More I fell for her, nothing like this before

I swear she sang to me, down to my core

I believed everything she sang for

My problems, my pain sank to the floor

Everything I ever wanted was on that stage

Finally break chains from this cold, cage

Started writing down everything on this page

Everything was perfect we were about the same age

The place lights up, everyone is in awe

Her sound, her emotions were raw

Looking at her shinning, found no flaw

I’ll always remember what I saw

An angel on stage looking back at me

For the first time I felt free

Deep down strong as a tree

Her eyes shined like the blue sea

And heaven was staring back at me

She came over with roses

Should’ve brought her one too, door closes

Should’ve said so much more

Points down, what’s the score?

Now regret eats away my life

Cutting deep down like a knife


poetry for her, helps clear the mind. hoping one day she will read these, until then I’ll keep writing — Phil