Innovating others ideas for your industry

Innovating The Shareconomy For Other Industries

In this weeks show, we take a look at the innovation happening in the sharing economy (shareconomy) in non-traditional industries such as customer care.

The topics covered in this weeks show includes:

  • What is the shareconomy?
  • Why does the shareconomy give a better experience?
  • How is the shareconomy a predictor of the future workforce model?
  • Is this the new model for customer service to the millennials?
  • What role does the combination of cultural and social shifts have on innovation?
  • How important is picking a personal problem to success?
  • How does Ronald Coase look the Theory of the Firm predict the shareconomy?
  • What advice would you give entrepreneurs when they are launching their innovation?
  • Pick a problem you are passionate about
  • Be radically open with your idea looking for feedback and validation
  • Build the product and get into the market very quickly (~30 days)

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Antony Brydon is CEO and co-found of Directly.

Killer Question:

What will your company’s value chain look like in five years?

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