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Blame it on the Rain

“People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.”

This quote has been something firmly ingrained in my professional consciousness for a long time. No matter how good (or bad) a job is, it is usually your relationship with your manager that directs your gaze towards greener pastures. The focus of this post is, however, not specifically about why people decide to leave their jobs. Nor is it specifically about how to retain them.

This post is about umbrellas. The metaphorical kind.

A Tale of Two Managers

Let’s begin with an oversimplification because that’s what all articles of this nature do.

There are only two types of…

As per this comment, it seems this is no longer possible. I’ll leave the post below for posterity’s sake.

Recently, I needed a simple way to send emails at regular times throughout the day. While the cron part of this was well documented, I felt the deployment part could use a simple, fresh approach that didn’t involve Heroku or AWS. I was instantly impressed with now, both in its simplicity and how well thought out everything was.


You have node installed and understand the basics of the command line.

install express and cron:

npm i express cron --save


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