In the dark days before digital media took the biggest chunk of every ad budget, inventory was purchased directly from media owners by brands and agencies. In those pre and early digital days of yore, an IO was king and advertisers had no visibility on the performance of their campaign, other than an estimation of the activity trickling through to their own end. ‘Tear-sheets’, VHS broadcast tapes and screenshots were the standard of proof for campaign execution and emails between client and media was about as digital as it got.

“half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the…

At the recent SIAL event in Paris, in partnership with Digital FoodLab, we presented a special report on the European Food Tech scene.

In this post we take a look at the results of that report.

One Thousand, three hundred and sixty.

That’s how many FoodTech startups have been founded across Europe since 2014 and over the course of 2018, a new one was launched almost every single day. …

Inboxes are at breaking point and many people have no idea why. Will our online world change on Friday May 25, and can anyone win an award for GDPR?

When I first heard of GDPR, it barely registered. Back in 2016, it was a throwaway term from a former work colleague, spoken in passing as if I knew what it was. I didn’t. Although asked to repeat it, I took little notice of their explanation: ‘a change to European data privacy laws’ . I’d quit my job in London to travel, so I just wasn’t interested. It wasn’t my problem…

This post was written as part of a pitch to Streamroot, a truly excellent French startup specialising in technology for streaming video. It was never previously published, so I’ve done so here with some tweaks for context :)

Check out Streamroot at NABShow, Booth SU9114, April 9–12 in Vegas.

The fears and concerns of many system administrators and industry experts were realised with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage in early 2017. …

This post (which I wrote) was originally published on the Medium page of a startup called Suave/Snipandshare on September 29th, 2015. You can see the original here.

“ Choose any colour you want — as long as it’s black”

This quote, attributed to Henry Ford, refers to his revolutionary Model T car. It wasn’t revolutionary because it was a great car, but because with the Model T, Ford invented the production line. This made cars affordable and therefore much, much more common. …

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