One Thing Led to Another

Arriving at the ideas cycle perspectives was a case of one thing leading to another. I had to accept that what I considered as ideas, pretty much determined what I could get from them? Why is that? Because it sets the stage for how I related to them in general, that is why. Starting with the article topic ‘ideas rule the world,’ there were several directions I could go. I could follow the science and technology route. Investigating and writing about the ideas behind powerful corporations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Apple and how pervasive their impact are. As another route, there are the ideas behind religion and how much power they hold in many lives. The ideas underlining government systems and their overarching authority and influence in the world. Or, I could blend different perspectives together as is often the norm.

Now, each of these perspectives explores a somewhat different take on what ideas are and what ruling means on a personal level. Generating questions like, are ideas limited to some areas of endeavor? Are ideas all about science, innovations, and the arts? Are ideas only relevant after successful execution? Can a way of life be streamlined down to a few set of ideas? Do ideas ruling means they guide you? Does it mean, you rely on them? Does it mean, they have power over you? Does it mean, you surrender to them? Think about it, answers to questions like these emphasize one’s general relationship to ideas. Isn’t that the truth? Then, it can only mean that these perspectives are just mere manifestations of ideas. Which was my conclusion and it led me to this: across-the-board, ideas are just that, ideas.

In my particular case, for the article, I settled for what I believed was a straightforward and understandable definition of what ideas meant. Here we go: at the simplest level, ideas are what our minds produce or create. For the definition of ‘rule’, I settled for what influences, controls, or affects us. Ponder on this for a moment. Ideas rule us when we use or live by them, whether we agree with them or not. But for that to happen, first, we consume these ideas. Understand that this is still true even when we live in opposition to an idea by choice. We are still consuming it, just using it to serve a different goal. From these definitions of ideas and what it means to rule, it is clear that everything you do makes use of ideas. And yes, you use ideas daily. We all live on ideas and without ideas, the world stops running, particularly, the human component. Irrespective of your perspective about ideas, this is true. That is including how sensible, reasonable, or valuable ideas are to you. It was this definition and understanding that made me realize the dimensions of ideas.

Excerpt from the book ‘You and Ideas — Exploring the Ideas Cycle’. Download free sample sections here. Feel free to make suggestions and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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