Avoid headaches: Use an Agile issue-type decision tree

02 06–2015

Avoid headaches: Use an Agile issue-type decision tree

First published on arcbees blog:

At Arcbees, we’ve had more discussions that I’d like to admit about issue types in sprint planning. On any given day, the same issue might be reclassified from story to improvement and back again, for reasons that seemed to have little to do with the issue itself.

If issue definition was inconsequential, this would pose no problem for us, but we have found that mis-categorizing issues actually impacts morale, velocity, estimation, and a host of other factors that have real consequences for the success of the project.

The realities and constraints of our work amplify the consequences of improperly classifying issues. We’ve come to identify five key factors that determine how smoothly the development process will unfold for us at Arcbees. All of them are impacted by improperly classified issues.

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Originally published at blog.arcbees.com