Code of a Business Knight Interview: I’m a business knight

23 05–2015

Interview: I’m a business knight

Manon, Design Slayer: You describe yourself as a Business Knight … are you in your secret lair at this moment? I hope it is also as comfortable as a Starbucks: P

Philippe Business Knight: Nah, no need for a secret lair … And yes it is more comfortable than a Starbucks since it’s my bed and that I am doing this interview listening to good old music …

Manon, Design Slayer: Can I know your identity, that you’re hiding behind the mask?

Philippe, Business Knight: Haha too easy to reveal my secrets like that. I’m Portuguese, French and Canadian in that order. This makes a rather nice mix. I lived in France for 23 years, where I did my studies before coming to try my luck in Quebec to get an MBA and work. I fell in love with consultation in France and I had the desire to come back to it. So, I started to work at Fujitsu, after my MBA.

Manon, Design Slayer: The consultant profession is vague for me. If I try to illustrate what a consultant does, he’s just an advisor who doesn’t produce anything concrete, and gives advice to those who in fact really do the work… You’re basically a lessons giver.

Can you enlighten me on what ultimately makes a consultant helpful? What do you do exactly?

Philippe Business Knight: If I summarized consultation in the simplest possible way I would say that a good consultant is someone who can read and identify people with whom he works or advises. What makes the difference between consultants is this level of analysis on the behavior of people. And no, it’s not being preachy, it’s more a guide, someone who facilitates, who helps you define what you’re looking for or what you want for you and your organization.

Manon, Design Slayer: in fact you’re not Business Knight… you’re Boring Business Knight.

Philippe, Business Knight: No I answered you as a consultant. Of course it is vague, the consultant field wants it that way… That way you pay them with big money without really knowing why: D

Manon, Design Slayer: so, what is the difference between you and the boring army of consultants who are too expensive? What is your “plus”?

Philippe, Business Knight: Someone asked me one day what was my super power and I told her, it was to make people laugh. I do my job with style and fun! This is my “plus”! I think that not being strict or too rigid, always brings about the best results in the work you produce. So I try not to take things too seriously while being professional.

Manon, Design Slayer: You should call yourself Business LOL, would suit you better :)

I can confirm from my eyes, that this is the first time I find a fun and above all open business person!

What makes you most proud of today? What do you think about your success in your career so far?

Philippe, Business Knight: Business LOL, yeah I’m a gamified Business Knight that’s why! Jokes apart, the thing that I’m most proud of is to have managed to prove my worth in all my jobs, consultant or not. Being young and helping to transform big organizations is not something that goes hand in hand at first glance. Usually people think you’re arrogant, a know-it-all or you’re a dreamer… I think I just worked according to my values ​​without forgetting the people from the operations, and not just focusing on the people who make the decisions and pay.

I had fun counting what I did during my past professional experiences and I have given over 140 workshops, over 20 lectures on various topics ranging from Gamification, Business Model, Corporate Culture, IT and business processes and Smart Cities …

Manon, Design Slayer: Today, what are your challenges? What do you want to accomplish and why?

Philippe, Business Knight: Today my challenge is entrepreneurship, I’ve always been an entrepreneur, a creative even in an organization like Fujitsu … but I wanted to throw myself an extra challenge, so I joined Arcbees, a company creating opensource products which make life easier for GWT developers. I also have personal projects such as ReplyApp, an application that simplify your way to manage your social medias, by gathering them in one inbox. These are my new challenges, to see what I am capable of, in this world!

Manon, Design Slayer: Finally, a little quote that shows how you live your life Business Knight? Philippe, Business Knight: Not just my life as a Business Knight, my personal life too. I have two and here they are: “My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style” from Maya Angelou and the second: “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world won’t. Wear it, build it like an armor. That way it can never be used to hurt you”

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