It’s The Message Not The Medium
Gary Vaynerchuk

I have to disagree with you a bit on this one. I know a lot of people breath and drink your saying. But you said it yourself you have to understand the medium and use the right message on that platform. So the message is important and the medium too.

Also something that is missing there is that for me you are hearing what they say but do they really want to say that they like the “old way” I don’t think so. Nobody that uses technology wants to get rid of wifi.

It’s just that people wish for certain things to come another way. If you have a partner you have multiple way to say that you think about them or that you miss them or thank them. The message will be always the same. And here what’s important is the medium not the message. Saying “I love you” on a post it note and hiding in their bag will be a surprise for your partner. Sending a text or putting a picture on insta will also so be a surprise. Each of them as it’s benefits.

Now in your text you are talking about people that don’t understand the power of communication and we have now more ways to communicate than at anytime. But we have to be thankful for that and we need to understand that there is new ways and old ways and they work together. Not one against each other.

Thanks for the post and sharing your knowledge and feelings :)