early everyone has lied at least once in their lives. There are some reasons why people do it, such as pride, fear or manipulation. While talking to someone it is hard to distinguish whether they are lying or telling the truth. By keeping a lookout for a few key signs you can determine if someone is telling the whole truth.

For some people it is better to escape from the problem by lying rather than face it. But there is some research which shows that we can easily spot a liar. Those researches say that people have pre-set instinct which helps to detect a liar but it is often ignored by our conscious mind so we need some advice which will help us distinguish between a lie and the truth. It is also said that the more we know about the person’s normal behavior the easier we recognize a lie. For example, just before answering a question, liars do sudden head movements like tilt, jerk or retraction.

Wanting to spot a liar it is also very important to watch how the person breathes. When humans are under the pressure of lying, they get more nervous, their breathe becomes heavy, which makes their voice unclear and shallow. Their nervousness can also be associated with many unnatural gestures like fidgeting. The last point is that a dishonest person covers areas considered as vulnerable, for example a throat, a chest or a head.

We are surrounded by liars and situations when we wonder if individual is lying or not, but we are not helpless in those situations. As shown above, it really is possible to distinguish between a liar and a person telling the truth. But should our conversation be aimed at observing our interlocutor’s body language instead of just enjoying the talk?




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Student voices

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