How Will Most Valuable Soccer Teams Perform in Champions League?

Due to the popularity of soccer, the top teams in the sport are among the most valuable sports franchises in the world. While almost every major club soccer team is extremely valuable, there is still a huge gap between the top and lower tier teams in the biggest leagues. This extra wealth allows the richest teams to be able to attract and afford the best players in the world. This should make the richest teams far better than most of their competition, but that is not always the case. Here is a breakdown of how the five most valuable soccer teams are performing in the biggest club tournament in the world, the UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid

Forbes gives Real Madrid a valuation of $3.263 billion, which makes them the most valuable soccer team in the world. The Spanish powerhouse regularly contends with their rival Barcelona in La Liga, and 2015 has been no different. While a league title in Spain is always desired, Real Madrid prides themselves on how they play against the best teams in the world. They have yet to lose a game in the Champions League this year, which has allowed them to easily coast to the knockout round. Based on the way they are playing right now, it would not be shocking to see them in the Champions League final this year.


Barcelona is Real Madrid’s biggest rival on and off the field with a valuation of $3.163 billion. The defending winners of the UEFA Champions League look poised to repeat. Barcelona is widely considered the best soccer team in the world, so it is not shocking to see them as one of the last 16 teams remaining in the Champions League. They are going to have a tough opening round match against Arsenal, but Barcelona should be able to use their talent advantage to easily coast to the finals once again.

Manchester United

Despite having a valuation of $3.104 billion by Forbes, Manchester United has failed to perform well at the highest level. Manchester United should be winning major tournaments due to their resource advantage, but they have already been knocked out of the Champions League. The early knockout for Manchester United is even more embarrassing when you consider that they had the easier group stage matchups of any of the top teams. Losing games to Wolfburg and PSV Eindhoven should not be tolerated by Manchester United, but they always seem to lose to inferior teams each year.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich does not get much competition in the German Bundesliga, so they have to use the Champions League to judge their team against the other powerhouse teams. Bayern Munich put on a dominant performance in the group stage to set up a Round of 16 match with last year’s runner-up Juventus. This is certainly a tough draw for Bayern Munich so early in the tournament, but their $2.347 billion valuation to get past the great Italian team. The betting odds predictions put Bayern Munich in the finals against Barcelona.

Manchester City

Manchester City struggled to compete in the English Premier League before they were sold in 2008. The new owners put in a lot of money to make the team competitive, and this dedication to winning has paid off greatly. Manchester City is now the fifth most valuable soccer team with a valuation of $1.375 billion. The extra resources has already given the team two EPL titles, it has not translated to victories in the Champions League. After getting out of an extremely tough group, Manchester City has a favorable draw that can set up a deep run in the tournament.

Most sports fans would think that most valuable soccer teams dominate every competition, but that is not always the case. While the extra resources certainly come in handy, the players still have to perform on the field. Manchester United has proven that it takes more than money to win, and that is even more true when facing great teams in the UEFA Champions League.