Where? Are they Abrams?

No, actually, I don’t.

Actual tanks have been deployed against Americans on American soil in, among other places, Ferguson MO. You might argue that there are larger and better armed tanks that haven’t deployed, and that is true, but to say that it is extreme for a government force in the US to deploy tanks against civilians is to ignore observed reality.

Other observed instances of tanks used against Americans on American soil include the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco Texas. So there is a multi-decade history of both local and federal law enforcement agencies deploying tanks against Americans on American soil.

While it is true that the government has never yet deployed rocket propelled grenades against Americans on American soil, given that they are willing to shoot armed people from distance (Ruby Ridge, etc) or shoot unarmed people at close range (to often to count) I don’t see what in the world would stop them from using any type of deadly force that they felt they could sell as necessary.

So, actually, the discussion isn’t particularly unrealistic or extreme when discussing the armed power of the Federal Government or the situations in which they might use it, and whether a particular strategy would be an unmitigated disaster or not is relevant to the conversation. Disconnecting the communications grid would be an unmitigated disaster for the Government, using tanks or explosives to kill a group of armed terrorists would not.

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