Do you really think that a child who is told that he will never see his daddy again takes much comfort in the fact that it wasn’t a cop who did it, but “merely” a civilian?
There is another big problem with these statistics that often goes unmentioned: the absolute…
David Deutsch

No. But I do think that a child whose father was killed by a Police Officer is much less likely to have a positive view of the Police.

The relationship between the Police and the community matters, and has a material affect on the crime rate. It is not something that affects few, but something that affects all.

Asking that Police departments, faced with the certain knowledge that a Police Officer has killed someone, should treat this as a serious matter and investigate it thoroughly is not meant primarily to prevent the police from shooting people, or to hamper them. The goal is ultimately to create a situation in which the community can trust the Police.

You may of course be tempted to defend the Police at this point, and claim that they do treat police shootings as serious matters, etc. You may argue that the poor state of relations between the police and many of the areas they are to protect and serve are the fault of the residents. The Black Lives Matter movement disagrees with you on this point. However, I don’t see how you can disagree with the idea that community relations with the Police matter, and affect the safety of the entire community.

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