Curiosity Cat Scan

The last thing I wondered about:

What I Loved to do when I was 7 years old: I was really passionate to be part of a singing group from our school performing on a tv show. I loved the feeling of being on a scene and everyone listening and looking at me. However, I didn’t want to be the only one. I wanted to sing in a group.

The last time I experience creative flow: I was writing my morning pages to empty my mind from different thoughts stoping me from performing well last week, I donno how I got the idea of starting a big social gathering of our friends and their friends and their friends and so on… Some day it could turn into a large social event. I was super excited about the ides and I couldn’t help myself not talking to my husband about it. Then we decided to talk about it to an other friend to form a group. So Exciting!

When I feel most beautiful: I find myself soo relaxed and confident, jumping around for no reason, I experience having a lot of energy and feel really happy.

My superpowers: Day dreaming is my number 1 superpower. Haha! I can’t stop myself from daydreaming. It is always there if I am not careful about my thoughts even for one second. I have to keep my attention with different techniques to not let them wander around. And believe me, it is terribly hard! I have not learned it yet!

What would I do for a living if I am not afraid of anything: I donno. Does this mean that I am not even afraid of the amount I am being paid or even the skills required?! In that case it is a really difficult question. Umm… I love dancing (but I cannot dance and I dont dance a lot), I love singing (I dont sing and I do not have a special voice), I love presenting and public speaking (I am no close to that), I love networking (but I am really shy and cannot help it)… Whoof! I love to be a CEO, or may be a president. I love to work with children. Maybe working in a kindergarten in my spare time. I love decorations. Thinking about different combination of things in decoration. I love making beautiful things.

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