I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

I am not convicting Uber of anything with this statement, but based on other reports I’ve read, I believe this one.

I’m nearly sick with what I just read. How could anyone be permitted to degrade a human being like Amy was day in and day out. If I even witnessed that behavior, I probably would have resigned in disgust so fast it would have made their heads spin. Uber may not be a charity, but if they openly flout basic moral reality (yes, I mean that — ethics deals with reality) then they are truly a despicable company.

I resigned fairly quickly at another firm when they forcibly transferred me into a dysfunctional team. My coward of a manager just started whining about it to the whole team. He was a jerk until he figured out that stuff didn’t work on me. I had only told one or two people, and everyone (I mean EVERYONE) I worked with already knew I had given notice. I suffered a fraction of the degrading behavior Amy did.