The case for economic nationalism

I do think globalism could work in theory. In practice, NAFTA has been an economic disaster, and the EU hasn’t been much better.

NAFTA: Force continental free trade without also forcing a minimum wage and workers’ rights across the continent. Thus, multinational corporations only have to worry about Mexico’s minimum wage. They can virtue signal in the US all day while Mexico becomes a narco-state. 70% of the “production” in the US is now in the service industry.

Also note that the country with the most growth is China, an economic and socially nationalist country.

The American people wanted economic nationalism. Bernie and Trump both figured it out early. I hope in the 2020 primary, dems pick someone like Bernie who would have revoked TPP and renegotiated NAFTA as Trump will do.

A common criticism is “That’s water under the bridge: all factory jobs will be automated by AI”. Let’s assume that this is true and the only factory jobs left will be in AI. Look at Silicon Valley’s AI Departments and see the % of American-born people in them. I don’t have hard numbers but, anecdotally, I put a very conservative upper bound of 5%. Our US-born children, many of whom have the advantage of US citizenship, will have statistically little chance of getting an AI/ML job here or anywhere else. We went from #1 in education 20 years ago to the 50th percentile of industrial nations, and that factors in our amazing graduate and post-graduate education. To anyone who said during the 2016 campaign that our nation is already great: our primary and secondary education system is not great. The kids are not alright.

We need to make our schools great again.

We need to tap into the competitive spirit of America and win at math, win at science. The same star athlete who gets brain damage scoring touchdowns on the football field needs to also needs to lose in the classroom. We can’t call everyone a winner in the classroom when we admit that there are losers on the football field. Is it any surprise that a school system that gives copious awards for drama and violence ends up producing so much talent in the fields of Law, Business, and Gender Studies? When we don’t push people to be better, we end up with a nation full of weak thinkers.