The Richard Branson Effect

When I say the name Richard Branson do your ears perk up? If you’re an entrepreneur then they should. I mean I’m only about to talk about the most eccentric, death defying, Island owning, self made, Virgin Empire Billionaire, 4.9 Billion to be exact. So when Richard speaks, or others speak about him, people listen.

This is true with all big influencers of the world: Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, Oprah, The Pope, The Dalai Lama. They all have the power to move groups of people by the thousands and possibly even millions. Hence the name “influencers”.

I’m sure you’re wondering what any of this has to do with you? Well I’ll tell you.


One of the biggest problems I constantly read on entrepreneur blogs comment sections or on forums about starting a blog is that people don’t know what to talk about. They ask questions like “Can I write about something I don’t know much about?”. “Will people be interested in what I have to say?”.

These are all valid concerns. After all when you’re first getting started you’re pretty much an unknown. You have no audience. You have no raving fans. So you really want to nail that first impression. So what’s a way that you can get people interested in what you’re saying? While avoiding an article that will flop.


Well that’s where this method, which I’ve dubbed the Richard Branson Effect, comes in to play.

Instead of racking your own brain trying to get people interested in what you’re saying. You can instead leverage the expertise and following of someone who already has both of these, an influencer.

People love hearing stories and get insights into famous peoples lives. That’s why there are so many tabloid magazines talking about Kim Kardashian and tv shows with celebrities flaunting their wealth (cribs). People just go mad for that kind of access. This same effect occurs in the world of business. It just so happens that our celebrities lean more toward Richard Branson and Warren Buffett then they do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

This is great news for you. This means that you don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with some big new idea for a great article. Instead you can write about what some of the big players are doing. This might include things like

  • Their daily routines
  • Tools they use in their Business
  • Productivity Tips
  • How they got started

People are dying to know these things. It makes them feel like they’re getting some special access to the inner workings of a genius mind. Something that they otherwise couldn’t know or get access to.


So how do you extract this valuable information from these influencers? I mean it’s not like you have Richard Branson on speed dial (If you do then contact me

I’m also pretty sure that you don’t have a plane waiting to take you to Necker Island anytime soon.

So how do you get this information if don’t have access to these people? That’s the best part. You don’t need to have access to them. They want to be heard so they are constantly talking to

people about themselves. They’re giving interviews, speeches, insightful tidbits and new ideas all the time.

The only thing you need to do is find these interesting insights and package them to give to your audience. Here’s some places to search for these insights

  • Interviews (Written, Audio & Video)
  • Authority Sites (Huffington Post,
  • Personal Site (Influencers Personal Site/Blog)
  • Books (Biographies, Autobiographies, Collaboration)

Once you’ve found a few golden nuggets, put it all together in an easy to consume way and voila.


Once you’ve done that then you are finished. Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back. You now have a piece of content that will be interesting to people. Plus it carries no risk of you being ridiculed or rejected because the ideas themselves are not your own.

Don’t be fooled though. Just because you’re talking about a big wig doesn’t mean that your article is guaranteed traction. You still must promote and market it like you would any other content piece on your site.


I really believe that this strategy, if employed right, can really help you boost the traffic to your site and give it that bit of traction to build your following. So be sure to share this with your friends and other bloggers so they too can leverage the Richard Branson Effect. Just remember

Originally published at on April 29, 2015.

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