5 Ways Entrepreneurship is Overrated and What to Do Instead
Mike Fishbein

There are lots of entrepreneurs on here jumping in to defend their lifestyles. Its important to point out that the point (I believe) Mike is trying to make here is not that entrepreneurship is “bad” but rather that there is a current trend of other people making money from ‘selling the dream’ of entrepreneurship to a generation of people that have become convinced that its the only way to live and succeed.

I speak from experience here, as I had the same mentality for a long time and am only recently starting to come around to a different way of thinking.

I won’t rehash the points in the article as they stand alone and are worth re-reading, but there are a lot more opportunities now to structure and create a lifestyle that is free from corporate shackles, but still not a Lone Ranger, succeed or die path (where statistically, most will die).

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