I was tremendously proud of my team at NASA

We were able to figure out a sticking problem with a food vending machine in the visitor’s center. The crux of the problem was that the Doritos chip bags were not being delivered after people had put their money into the machine. So my team created a simulation of the problem using marshmallows. When we ran out of ideas on how to fix the problem, I urged team members, “We need Smore ideas. Each of you come up with Smore ideas.” Before long we each had Graham crackers and Hershey bars on our desks. A cheer erupted when we finally came up with a solution. Science at its finest. We did not shirk nor did we eschew. We certainly did not eschew the marshmallows. Those that had not been pelted at each other were downed with a healthy amount of Ginger Ale. Why? Because that was our job. That’s why. We were just doing our job.

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