ScribblePost: 7 months later

Back in February I was looking to try new productivity apps to better manage my busy schedule. Around that time, Paul Berkovic asked me to join ScribblePost’s Founding Member Program, a startup he co-founded with CEO Alon Novy (both are hailing from Australia).

ScribblePost is a productivity app that aims to be as simple as possible. It is modeled on the way people scribble notes on paper, an ambitious concept since many apps within this ecosystem have been disappointing in terms of usability.

The Founding Member Program gave early access to the app and the opportunity to meet the co-founders through video-conferencing (which was a really nice touch).’s landing page

So what is my opinion of ScribblePost after 7 months of daily use?

A simple, agreeable user interface.

Clean user interface

The UI is very clean and pleasant to the eye; even after extended use. The design utilizes white space very efficiently.

Simple, efficient task management workflow

Easy process to take notes. To list a task: just type and post (emulating the quick “paper scribble”). Such is a major difference versus other productivity apps that require 4–5 clicks to list one single item. I’m constantly working on multiple projects hence always appreciate this simplicity.

Tagging system

Built-in tagging system allows you to classify items per type and due dates. Such makes it easier to prioritize your different tasks.


ScribblePost comes in desktop, Android and iOs versions. I am using the desktop version primarily and Android when I’m on the go — both versions provide a seamless experience in my opinion with very similar workflows.

Reminder feature

There is a feature that will send you reminders through emails and notifications on mobile apps; no complaints here as it has always worked appropriately for me.

Email integration

I haven’t used such much, but the few times I did, it worked really well. An interesting feature if you are part of a formal team.

Needless to say, ScribblePost has become my project management and productivity tool of choice. I highly recommend it.

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