Phil Sims
Phil Sims
Jun 15, 2016 · 2 min read

The Healthformation Project

Well done this week to Ryan & Chris.

Both of them have started my Healthformation Project.

Which is an initial 12-step process to finding out who you want to be, feel and look.

These guys have collectively lost 27lbs together in the first 3 weeks.

And they’ve only got up to step 3 so far!!

Just so that we are clear, yes that doesn’t happen all of the time but it highlights what is POSSIBLE.

There are no guarantee’s of what people will end up with at the end.

Only that they’ll NEVER look back — I personally GUARANTEE that.

What is The Healthformation?

It’s an easy to use system that is ACTION dependant.

No whips or being made to do things you don’t want to do.

A system with CHOICES.

What they want and what they get is completely up to them.

There is nothing complicated in this programme — but as I said to the guys, just trust the system. The system doesn’t fail if you CHOOSE to use it.

You see my MAGIC is I’m good at the formation of HABIT change.

I can help people to do the stuff they want to do but find themselves wondering why they fail to do so.


Whatever approach people use, this is the area that people TYPICALLY get stuck on.

It’s quite simply because they have SHAKEABLE Mindsets at the beginning.

People often rush into the HOW TO and what they WANT before they consider their WHY.

This is why my Healthformation Programme is different.

We help you become UNSHAKEABLE in the MIND.

And open up your eyes to a world of CHOICE!!

People Don’t Get What They Want…

..They Get What They Choose
To WANT something is just a creation in the mind, a wish, a desire to HAVE something you don’t already have.

It asks you to do nothing.

And of course, if you do nothing you can want all you like until the cows come home and you’ll still have nothing.

WANTING something and DESIRING a thing without ACTING will only lead you down misery lane.

But CHOICE is different.

Because when we CHOOSE to do something we start to CREATE a plan in our mind. A plan of what is possible, a plan that has steps…

..and by ACTING on those steps we then turn what is possible into probable and we CREATE outcomes based upon the CHOICES we made.

You see we start to ACCEPT where we are and where we want to be.

And we create a CONNECTION of the work that will get you there, and providing you enjoy the steps required, you provide yourself with the CARE needed from the inside which in turn benefits you on the outside.

But it starts with making a CHOICE, agreements with yourself that you LOVE.

This is where SELF-MOTIVATION is created.

And when you are motivated, you’ll ACT.


PS — The CHOICES we make and the ACTIONS we take will influence the LIFE that we want to CREATE.