Gameplay Prototyping 16/02/2017

In this week’s practical we had a practical focused on Coursework Development Support. Within this practical I was able to get a lot of help in terms of improving work done I have done throughout the week with the player able to aim and shoot in multiple directions, move forwards, backwards and sideways. A problem is still present in which the rotation is affecting the direction that player goes to rather than simply going in a set direction.

Going forward, I have made a list of the functionality that I want in the game.

Enemy Game States:

Patrolling on a fixed path, Attack when see the player by moving towards the player, shoot when player is in line of sight. Have to consider the levels geometry

Better control:

Need control not manipulated by the rotation of the object. Lerping could solve this problem.

Level design:

Make some level designs in which the player can move around. Think about the collisions of the geometry around the player.

Extra mechanics:

Extra weapons, change how bullets work and they react. Power ups, change the movement of the player or other element of the player.

Here is the current state of the game. The time element is working very well, for example I now have a bullet limiter which affects the rate of fire of the player. By adding the element of time stopping i’m able to have the rate of fire tied to the time of the game. Therefore the rate of fire is also affected by your movement. This is something that adds a bit of a strategy in which by moving more your obviously more prone to enemies shooting you but you also have more chances to shoot yourself, time affecting gameplay is something I want to use in the future.

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