Job Site Queries for the “Junior” Developer

At Bloc, we provide our graduates with the tools they need to successfully find their first post-graduation job. While doing some research today, some numbers stood out to me, and I knew this needed to be shared with a broader audience.

Let’s take a step back. I’m sure bootcamp students hear the term “Junior” all the time. Or, they hear of when they will be working with someone that’s a “Senior” in their first job and assume, “that means I’m a Junior”. One could easily jump to the conclusion, the job title “Junior x” is what a company would be trying to fill. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As you can see, the term “Junior” holds very little value when looking for a job. In fact, using it will likely be discouraging. A much better approach is to remove the terms “senior” and “sr” from your search results.

You may notice I yellowed out the data when searching for a unique qualifying developer position name. This is because the terms software, application and web overlap so much. They can be brought into the same query which is what is listed at the bottom. Many times software and application are used in a developer title and really mean (web, plus command line, plus Git, plus team collaboration skills). If this results in too many false positives, one can always remove one or two from the query list.

So in conclusion, when on a job search, it seems better to filter on what you know you’re not, rather than what you believe yourself to be.

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