Very misinformed and very misinforming.
Ihe Onwuka

Hey Ihe! There seems to be a big misunderstanding between what I’m writing and what you’re reading.

I don’t think JSON Schema is a complete implementation of UML, but there are editors out there that let you build UML-style diagrams, see the one linked. UML-style does not mean “literally every single feature in UML”.

As as for XML Schema vs JSON Schema, I did not say they are identical. They are comparable in a lot more than just name, the goals from the XML Schema website describe JSON Schema perfectly:

What is XML Schema Used For?

A Schema can be used:

  • to provide a list of elements and attributes in a vocabulary;
  • to associate types, such as integer, string, etc., or more specifically such as hatsize, sock_colour, etc., with values found in documents;
  • to constrain where elements and attributes can appear, and what can appear inside those elements, such as saying that a chapter title occurs inside a chapter, and that a chapter must consist of a chapter title followed by one or more paragraphs of text;
  • to provide documentation that is both human-readable and machine-processable;
  • to give a formal description of one or more documents.

I don’t understand your position of anger. Can you dial it back a bit if you decide to reply? :)

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