3 Examples of Well Done Designs

Not your average, Medium Rare designs but thoughtful, successful displays of creativity.

  1. The High Line.

The High Line is a historic revitalization project and a collaboration between the worlds most esteemed landscape architecture firms in the country. The tracks were not in use for 25 years and in that time shrubbery had began to grow.

The tracks span several blocks and thus tearing down the structure would’ve been costly and would’ve affected many local businesses. The revitalization project brought to life this, once, grand structure. Hundreds of thousands of people/tourists now visit New York City planning to walk the High Line, local residents enjoy strolling up and down the serene-scape, and the project has brought a revitalization to the surrounding areas which now boast many new real estate developments. Furthermore, the project is considered a “green” structure and therefore is not a financial or environmental burden on the city. The project was a great success for the city of New York.

2. Apple

Apple is a phenomenally designed company from the bottom up. I remember growing up with a PC and looking on Apple as an inferior brand. I did not consider purchasing any Apple item until the first iPod came out in 2001. Currently, two of the items I utilize most in my life; my laptop and my phone, are Apple, and will remain this way indefinitely. The company’s philosophy changed drastically under Steve Jobs who single handedly influenced the tech community, consumers, and designers everywhere.

In a relatively short time the company has grown to be one of the top tech product companies. I imagine that the Design team comprises some of the top Product Managers, Front End Developers, and UX/UI Designers in the industry having created a webpage that is as user-friendly as the products:

3. Instagram

The mobile application is a well designed product that is constantly changing based on user input. The product, which is free to use and download, is one of the top social media platforms that exist. It competes with the likes of Snapchat, Twitter, etc. The main screen has 5 main buttons at the bottom of the screen that do not change. Having a set of buttons that will remain unchanged even after being selected makes the app user-friendly and consistent. I do not like when applications bring me to a new page without a way to easily distinguish where I am or how I got there or how to get back to the previous page. For this reasons a successfully employed “task bar” at the top of a webpage is essential to a well designed website. Each of the 5 screens has its own function and is very easy to navigate.

One of the most useful features of our phones is that the vast majority have the capability of taking photos. Since we travel everywhere with our phones it is useful to have a platform where we can show our travels, experiences, food, etc. with our friends. Instagram is so well liked because the ability to take photos is inherent in the design of the phone. If a product was to come out that allowed our phone to perform another useful action, then a social application that allowed us to share that action with our friends would be quite well accepted… only if the design was as simple and user-friendly as Instagram.

Overall, I included an architectural success, a technology product, and a mobile application so you would be able to see that design is everywhere and in everything. The majority of things that we utilize everyday have been designed many, many times to ensure that our interaction with the item is well planned from beginning to end.

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