Future of the Force Weekly Review

Week ending 12–03–17

Let’s climb down the rabbit hole and see what happened in the Star Wars universe this week…

Wow, what an incredible week we’ve had here at Future of the Force. Not only did we uncover an incredible new UK based podcast covering everything from the Star Wars Legend stories to the new trilogy, but we tracked down Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Rebel Pilot, Harb Binli (aka Benjamin Hartley) and locked in our tractor beam to secure him for an exclusive interview. If that wasn’t enough, site co-founder Stewart Gardiner jumped into the pages of the Star Wars Wild Space novels and discovered something truly wonderful inside.

It has all been very exciting…so let’s refresh our memories and look back at a monumental week for the team. Set course for awesomeness and jump to hyperspace with us here:

Two Peas in a Pod…Cast:

Getting this week off to an exciting start was Future of the Force co-founder Andrew in Belfast, his discovery of new UK based podcasters Bright Tree Radio, set the tone for a fantastic week. The husband and wife duo have certainly made an impression on our fearless leader and he was eager to share his feelings with us here:

Going Back to the Future with the Star Wars Trilogy trailer:

Following on from Andrew’s excitement, Future of the Force News Editor, Phil Roberts activated his flux capacitor and channelled the 1.21 gigawatts needed to travel back to his younger self and re-watch THAT Star Wars trilogy special edition trailer once again. Sat in the auditorium waiting for The Ghost and the Darkness to begin, Phil was treated to the trailer that changed his life forever…jump into the passenger seat and share his excited nostalgia ride here:

Venturing into Wild Space:

Settling down with a good book is way too easy for Future of the Force co-founder Stewart Gardiner…instead, the devoted reader immersed himself within the pages of six new Star Wars Wild Space novels by author Cavan Scott. The incredible young reader stories captivated our intrepid reader who is eager to share his excitement with you. Check out his thoughts here:

And Finally, …

Interview with a Rogue:

In a Future of the Force exclusive, Phil Roberts sat down with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Benjamin Hartley, the legendary Harb Bini, X-Wing pilot (call-sign Red Seven). Together they discussed his experiences filming the saga’s first anthology movie and revealed exactly what it takes to be a real X-Wing pilot in the Star Wars universe. Read Benjamin Hartley’s incredible personal account here:

It was a truly monumental week for the Future of the Force team, from the Podcasters at Bright Tree Radio to our exclusive interview with the legendary Rogue One actor Benjamin Hartley, the team are covering every angle unearthed within the Star Wars universe and tackling the hottest subjects head on. Only the force knows what lies ahead of us in the coming weeks but rest assured, the Future of the Force team will be on the front lines bringing you the best Star Wars content from across the Outer Rim territories and beyond…

Until then…

May The Force Be With You

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