This is the part where we remind those bragging “process” Sixers fans that the process has already…
Phil Ticknor

I’m not claiming the process is a failure, nor am I claiming it WILL be. However, if the end goal of the process is to win a title, you’ve barely started the process. The Sixers punted multiple seasons (along with them, a good deal of revenue) in order to put themselves in position to draft young talent, with no regard to injury status or position (they didn’t need to consider either of those things since they weren’t looking to improve at all in the short term). Are we supposed to be overly impressed that that strategy, has, in fact, yielded high draft picks and young talent? When you’re punting entire seasons on purpose, you had better end up with high picks and young talent!

NOW is when we start to see if the process will pay off — and in all likelihood that hypothetical title window still won’t open until most or all of these guys have played out their rookie contracts. This is simply the beginning, but there are a lot of Sixer fans acting as if the goal of the process was simply to get these picks — as if it’s some stroke of genius that deliberately punting seasons and collecting picks is going to result in a lot of high draft picks. The history of the NBA is littered with young and talented teams that never sniffed a title. If the process was a response to “ringz” culture, then shouldn’t they get a little closer to a “ring” before celebrating its success?

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