August 22, 1966

fifty years ago today in music history

I awoke today a bit uninspired. No problem a bit of coffee won’t cure, right? Well, maybe not. Still, I’m committed to press (sorry) on.

OK, I’ve got it! Since I’ll be travelling to Arrington, Virginia this week for the Lockn’ Festival, music will be my theme for the day. Ever wonder what was going on in the world of music fifty years ago today? I didn’t think so. But, in case someone asks, here’s a less than comprehensive list of the highlights for Monday, August 22, 1966:

◾The Beatles arrived in New York City at 3:00 am, greeted by nine screaming fans. They were to play at Shea Stadium the next day. On this day, they held a press conference in Manhattan, at the Warwick Hotel. A transcript of this interview is available here. Also, on this day, their album, Revolver, was certified gold in the US.

◾The Number 1 song in the US on this day was Summer in the City, by the Lovin’ Spoonful. The number 1 song in the UK was Eleanor Rigby, by the Beatles.

◾Wild man rocker, Jerry Lee Lewis, was signed to play Iago in Catch my Soul, a rock version of Shakespeare’s Othello.

◾The famed composer, Apolinary Szeluto, died at age 82. More information on Szeluto can be found here.

The Yardbirds did a show in Malibu, California featuring newly added guitarist Jimmy Page. Page joined the band in June of 1966, and remained with them until a little band called Led Zeppelin led him to other pursuits.

◾A forgotten artist by the name of David Houston topped the Billboard Country Charts with his tune Almost Persuaded. Houston hailed from Louisiana and was a descendent of both Sam Houston and Confederate General Robert E. Lee. For more information, click here.

◾ Police in New York manage to talk two teenagers down from a 22nd-floor ledge. The girls had threatened to commit suicide unless they met the Beatles. Instead, they’re sent to Roosevelt Hospital to get their heads examined.

◾The popular group, The Association, released their soon to be smash single Cherish.

◾Elvis Presley celebrated his 10th anniversary as a movie star. He began filming Love Me Tender on this day in 1956. He no doubt celebrated this milestone with a peanut butter and banana sandwich and a handful of Seconal (just kidding).

Well, that’s about all I could dig up from the world of music, fifty years ago today. I wonder where those two girls from the 22nd floor ledge are today. Hopefully, they are telling some good stories to their grandchildren.

Peace out and have a wonderful week!

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