Day Five — Bergen

Today was an early rise for us, the fjord cruise to Mostraumen left at 10am. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made this holiday, the views were stunning. The pictures really don’t do it justice, we really had picked the perfect day to go, it wasn’t too wet; but also not too sunny. The low lying cloud and mist really did lend the whole experience an extra layer of beauty.

This seems to be the holiday for selfies
I do love my bobble hat (the waterfall was ace!)
I do love this photo

After we had finished on the cruise we went for a wander to the Rosenkrantz Tower which forms part of the Bergenhus Fortress. The tower was huge, many floors of twisting stairs and low slung ceilings. This is always a good idea when you’re a smidge claustrophobic! They do however leave swords lying around at random, so of course Lou and I had to have play with them.

I don’t think me handling a sword is ever a good idea!

The twisting staircase was worth it though, the view from the roof was superb.

After a brief cat nap we headed off to Dolly Dimples for tea. Not only does it have a superb name, the food was pretty good. Can’t beat a nice bit of pizza, and for me it was nice to be able to have feta cheese on it. They also had a superb sign outside!

Ace sign!

We then decided to walk to an ice bar we had read about. After walking for what felt like miles, and also well of the beaten track, we literally ran out of road. A quick google of the venue led to us finding out it was “Permanently Closed” I think that perhaps we should of checked this before we set off! However we got a good stretch of the legs. We also managed to get a good view of the funicular by night.

Whilst I write this, Lou sat and read her book.
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